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Modern care for the laundry you love. Soak is a super easy, eco-friendly, no-rinse wash for hand or machine washing delicates. If you love it, Soak it.  


Want to take the hassle out of washing delicates?

  • Your lingerie
  • The beautiful knits made for your baby
  • Anything you don’t want to put in the machine

These items are Soak worthy!

No rinse?

No rinse means exactly that.

Soak is a low-suds liquid – the dirt and detergent is left in the water and whatever is left in the item evaporates leaving just the scent behind, which disappears over time.  If you do rinse – it doesn’t affect the cleaning just the scent – which is removed.

Because there is no agitation required it is easier on the fabrics.  Plus you use less water!


Washing Instructions


Test fabric for colour-fastness before use*

  • 1 Teaspoon of Soak in 4 Litres of water
  • Soak for 15 minutes
  • Gently squeeze to remove water
  • No NEED to rinse
  • Lay knits flat to dry
  • Wash sets (i.e lingerie) together

Machine Wash:

  • Delicate cycle/cold water
  • No rinse
  • Measure Soak based on your machine’s instructions for liquid detergent

*How do I test for colour-fastness?

Rub a drop of Soak on an inconspicuous part of the item, and rinse after 2 minutes. If there is no bleeding of dye – continue to Soak the item.