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  1. It has been a very exciting week here at Coolbear and Company HQ - our first order from Soak Wash arrived!  First a couple of boxes and then a pallet after a few delivery issues!  As I was unloading the pallet it started to rain and I enlisted the help of my family - unfortunately I didn't have my camera to record it but - I think it was the cutest warehouse crew ever!  Imagine a 2 year old girl, a 4 year old boy, a 6 year old boy and an almost 8 year old boy stacked up with boxes... although the 2 smaller ones could only manage a small box at a time!  

    its here!

    2 days later and I was able to take some products to introduce to the members of the Wellington Quilt Guild at their annual November sales night.

    I was very pleased with the amount of interest in the products and look forward to introducing the products to many more customers at some more markets in the coming months and of course to retailers as well.

    I am still finalising nationwide postage costs - but we are very happy to offer free delivery within the Wellington Region, as we are based in Whitby, we are happy to travel as far as Otaki and Upper Hutt.